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U-News Staff

‘We have a golf team?’

The weather has finally warmed up.

With warmer weather comes spring, and with spring comes collegiate spring sports. No more watching basketball in a building. Instead, we move onto outside spectator sports, and cheer on our Roos in sports such as tennis, track and field, softball and golf.

What’s that? We have a golf team?

As a matter of fact, we have a women’s and men’s golf team.

It’s understandable if you don’t know a lot about our various sports teams. Our teams do not play on the national level most Division I schools do, and some sports just aren’t as high-profile as others.

Let’s start off with our women’s softball team. In the preseason poll by league head coaches, they got picked to finish fourth this year. They have three All-League players returning, and after finishing in fourth place last year, it looks like they should improve and finish towards the top of the league this year.

In their league preseason poll, the men’s tennis team was picked to finish first place this year. Last year, they finished first in the regular season before finishing as runner-up in the league tournament.

There’s only one way to improve from last year, and that’s to capture the league title this year. Despite the heavy expectations, they have two All-League players returning, so things are looking good for them.

Last year, the women’s tennis team went to The Summit League postseason tournament for the first time since 2000. They are expected to improve on that, and they were picked to finish fourth this year.

Traditionally, the track and field team has always done well. Already this year they’ve broken two school records and a handful of meet records. They have a lot of very talented athletes, and it is easy to say the record-breaking will continue through the spring.

And those golf teams that nobody knew about?

Well, on the women’s side, after placing third in last year’s tournament, they were picked to finish fifth this year.

The men’s team has some pretty big expectations ahead of them. They were picked to finish in first place this year. They have finished as runner-up in The Summit League Championships for the last three years, and they are looking to capture the title that has been eluding them for so long.

With last years’ Championship MVP and some All-Summit selections returning, their chances of finally finishing first are looking pretty strong.

So, there really is quite a bit to know about these teams. I hope that this educational tour has attracted a few more looks, and at a minimum, created some awareness of our spring sports. Now get outside and cheer them all on!

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