Park It!

Mark Linville

Violations issued for 2010 by percent

Violations issued for parking without a permit: 61 percent

Violations issued for parking at an expired meter: 24 percent

Violations issued for parking in a non-parking zone: 7 percent

Violations issued for parking in a walk or non-parking area: 3 percent

If you have ever wondered how to avoid getting tickets when parking on campus, then this week’s parking update could be helpful.

Below are some tips from Manager of Parking Operations Michelle Cone.

Tips to avoid a parking violation

Read the signs as you enter a parking lot, and as you enter each row, to determine if your permit is valid in that area.

If you do not have a permit, park and pay at the meters or find a legal place along a city street.

If you park at a meter, you might want to put in just a little extra money to give yourself extra time in case something comes up and you are delayed in returning.

If you do not understand where you can park, ask Parking Operations. Asking for directions instead of receiving a violation is preferable.

Appealing a Violation

You can easily get a ticket if you don’t abide by the posted rules and regulations of the various meters and lots on campus.

“If you think that, according to the Parking Rules and Regulations, a violation was issued to your vehicle inappropriately, the violation can be appealed within 10 business days of receipt,” Cone said. “Appeals can be made in the Parking Operations office during business hours or online… 24 hours a day.”

Satisfying a violation

Tickets and violations are required to be paid within 10 business days of the date printed on the actual ticket.

After the 10 day period, a $5 late fee is applied and the full amount is billed to the student or employee’s Pathway account.

“After a violation has billed to Pathway, it is subject to university late payment fees and finance charges,” Cone said. “Please read the University of Missouri statement of financial responsibility on the cashier’s website [] for additional information regarding these fees.”

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