Roos on the road: London Edition

Sarah Ashlock

Study abroad is a viable option for many college students. You travel to a different country during your time as an undergraduate.

For me, studying abroad was a life-changing experience, and most students who have studied abroad would concur. For the next few issues, I will feature five things about the experiences had by students who studied abroad in fall 2010.

Jersey Gipp is an administration major in marketing and enterprising management from Baldwin City, Kan.

He had the pleasure of studying at Queen Mary University of London in London, England. He shared a flat in student housing at the University with five people—three British students, an exchange student from the Republic of China and an American.

If you are considering studying abroad, Gipp suggests, “Let nothing stop you from having one of the best experiences of your life.”

1. What is your favorite memory from studying abroad?

“I decided to go to Brighton, England at 4 a.m. I spent the entire day hanging out on the beach, reading and soaking up one of the last warmer days in the U.K. I made some friends who showed me around town. I would move to Brighton if I got the chance, that’s how amazing it was.”

2. Did you know the people you studied abroad with?

“I was the only student from UMKC who went through the study abroad program EuroLearn. Students from all over the U.S. came together and though we did not know each other well, (we introduced ourselves beforehand via Facebook) we became great lifelong friends. Now I have friends throughout the States.”

3. What is the most shocking or surprising thing about the U.K.?

“In the U.K., there are not many firearms. They do not have the Second Amendment like we do here in the States. Gun crimes are almost non-existent, and only a select few police officers were trained in firearms.”

For more information on how or why you should study abroad, visit the UMKC International Academic Programs website at

4. How is the U.K. different from Missouri/USA?

“The U.K. is much more culturally diverse, with influences from all over the world around you. Most individuals were more affectionate toward one another. The food is different there, too. For instance, purple Skittles in the U.S. are grape-flavored, whereas in the U.K. they are black currant. Despite the diverse culture, there was the complete and utter lack of any Mexican food. I believe on my return I ate Mexican food for the first four days.”

5. How has studying abroad affected your life or changed you?

“My family and friends will tell you I am not the same person who left and came back. I grew up. I learned independence, having faith in myself. I know I can handle what life has for me and am now able to adapt to new surroundings. My studying abroad experience made me into a better person and gave me a hunger to travel the world. I am working on studying abroad again this May with UMKC Bloch School in South Africa.”

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