Women’s basketball: Summit League Tournament ends abruptly for Roos, key players set to return

The Roos will continue their postseason play in the Women’s National Invitation Tournament. (Julia Kapros/Roo News)

Cristian Martinez

Kansas City’s record-breaking season ended on a harsh note when the South Dakota Coyotes knocked the Roos out of the Summit League Tournament. 

After defeating North Dakota State 81-74, the Roos lost significantly to the Coyotes by a 81-67 margin.

Offensively, Kansas City had an inefficient night compared to their statistical performances in the regular season. The Roos only made 36.4% of their total shots and managed just 30.4% from downtown. 

Naomie Alnatas led the way as usual with 21 points, including three rebounds and six assists as well. Brooklyn McDavid’s presence inside the paint slightly diminished, but she still scored 16 points. Mandy Willems had the best day beyond the arc for the Roos. She went 4-10 and notched 14 points. From there, only one other player scored over five points. The rest made little-to-no impact on offense.

Meanwhile, the Roos were spotty on defense. They could not contain the electric duo of Chloe Lamb and Hannah Sjerven, who scored 33 and 24 points respectively. However, they limited the rest of the Coyotes to less than 10 points, an impressive feat if it wasn’t for Lamb and Sjerven. 

With the season concluding, here are some sticking points for the future of the Roos. 

Who will return for a fifth season?

Coach Jacie Hoyt hinted that three seniors may return for one last run with Kansas City. While she never stated who it was, the belief around fans is that Mandy Willems, Paige Bradford and Naomie Alnatas will be returning. If all three decide to play for another season, this will give the Roos yet another shot at taking first in the Summit League. 

Hoyt needs to find another Brooklyn McDavid

Brooklyn McDavid’s short time with Kansas City has shown Hoyt what kind of player they need to succeed at the next level: a big-bodied forward who can dominate inside the paint. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many who even fit the bill of being the next McDavid. 

Hoyt will need to spend time this offseason scouting for other players who will have the same impact McDavid had on the team. 

Give Sanaa’ St. Andre more looks

Sanaa’ St. Andre’s impact on the team late in the season is just a clue at what the rotation may look like next season. 

Her impact as a physical, speedy and opportunistic guard will pair nicely with Alnatas’ play style. If Hoyt moves St. Andre to the shooting guard position, a lineup consisting of Alnatas, St. Andre, Willems, Bradford and a transfer center would be the most successful starting group. 

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