Park It!

Mark Linville

Between the Volker and Hospital Hill campuses, there are 163 metered spaces.

The Volker campus has a total of 157 spaces in various lots.

“The individual meters accept nickels, dimes and quarters and also accept the ParkCard,” said Manager of Parking Operations Michelle Cone.

Meters also use ParkCards that can be purchased at the Parking Operations office located on the second floor of the Administrative Center.

Each ParkCard costs $20 in addition to a $5 nonrefundable purchase charge.

Another option for parking is the Pay-By-Space lots, which allow you to pay $1 per hour for a parking space.

There are 259 Pay-By-Space parking spaces, and three lots located by Grant Hall, Oak Street parking lot and the Administrative Center Visitor parking on Oak Street.

Since 2002, the number of metered spaces has decreased from 971 to the 163 metered and 259 Pay-By-Space parking spaces available today.

The old metered spaces have been changed to student permit parking.

Several lots that are now student parking were once only metered lots.

The education parking lots once held 264 metered spaces, while University Center parking has decreased from 313 meters to only 85.

“Metered spaces exist on campus for visitors and so that part-time students and employees have an alternative to purchasing a parking permit,” Cone said.

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Location of metered and Pay-By-Space lots by campus

Volker Campus

  • Administrative Center visitor parking lot
  • Oak Street parking lot, NE Corner
  • Education parking lot (between student and faculty and staff lots)
  • Grant Hall (south parking lot)
  • Biological Sciences parking (section along Troost Ave.)
  • 4825 Troost (section along Troost Ave.)
  • University Center (section near the entrance, and a section near Miller- Nichols Library)

Hospital Hill Campus

  • Charlotte Street parking lot (adjacent to the Health Sciences Building)