Local business leaders offer advice to aspiring entrepreneurs at UMKC

Global Entrepreneurship Week sign outside of the Miller Nichols Learning Center. (Yusra Azzeh)

Yusra Azzeh

All around UMKC, current students and future entrepreneurs are learning the skills they’ll need to jumpstart their own businesses. To help prepare UMKC students for lifetimes of business ingenuity, KC Source Link, a UMKC Innovation Center program, hosted Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The program, which ran from Nov. 8 through Nov. 14, consisted of in-person and online events featuring local business leaders. Each event was meant to help equip Roos and community members with the resources to grow in their entrepreneurial skills.

“Entrepreneurs are creating the culture for Kansas City and allowing Kansas City to be the great place it is,” said Jenny Miller, an organizer for Global Entrepreneurship Week and network builder for KC Source Link.

The week-long schedule was jam-packed with over 100 events, each ranging from about 45 minutes to an hour. Events were divided into various categories: startups, scalers, social ventures, youth, and inclusion and entrepreneurship. 

Many events provided participants with the opportunity to engage in networking and building skills. Cami Travis-Groves, a local design strategist, coach and speaker, hosted a few sessions, including one called “Giving Presentations that Move People.”

Travis-Groves gave tips on how to gain the confidence to nail any presentation. Her calm, uplifting personality made her an easy presenter to watch and engage with.

“Moved people move people,” Travis-Groves said. “Desperation repels, gratitude and abundance attract.” 

A good speech comes from the speaker’s own confidence and positive beliefs about their own abilities, according to Travis-Groves. 

A professional Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) implementer at EOS Worldwide, Kyle Danner was another guest speaker during the week. At EOS Worldwide, Danner helps coach entrepreneurs to become the most successful versions of themselves. 

According to Danner, the greatest thing you can do for your business is keep it simple. He showed the audience how to do this by painting a picture of what the foundation of a business should look like. 

Although Global Entrepreneurship week has passed, there are many helpful resources still available. EOS Worldwide offers many workshops and conferences year-round, and KC Source Link is another resource that offers events and classes year-round. 

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