Letter to the Editor

U-News Staff

Last issue, Kris Kobach told the U-News that neither he nor members of the Immigration Reform Law Institute or Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) had been interviewed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which lists FAIR as a hate group. Here is the SPLC’s response:

I was the chief researcher and writer of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report on Professor Kobach.

His statement that the SPLC doesn’t “interview the people who work at the Federation for American Immigration Reform and other organizations because they would find out the organizations are neutral” is just a hair’s breadth short of a lie.

I was not able to interview Professor Kobach because he did not respond to my repeated requests for comment, via a variety of email addresses, phone numbers, and other conduits, over the course of several months.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform also ignored my requests for comment.

The Southern Poverty Law Center takes research very seriously, and it would have been a grave omission indeed had we not sought comment from the subject of our report.

The decision to forfeit the opportunity to talk with the SPLC rests with him.


Leah Nelson