Women’s soccer: Kansas City’s defense rebounds in victory over Omaha

Kansas City won against Omaha with a score of 2-1.

Cristian Martinez

Kansas City’s defense and a game-winning goal allowed the team to soar past Omaha on Sunday, winning the match 2-1. 

The game commenced with some bombastic energy from the Roos’ offense. Graduate student Kassi Ginther launched a screamer into the net and scored quickly for Kansas City. While the offense didn’t do much for the rest of the half, the defense played its heart out to keep the score 1-0. 

In the first half alone, Omaha attempted 15 shots. Only one of those shots would find the back of the net, tying the score right before halftime at 1-1. 

After halftime, it was an all-out duel to gain the lead. Both defenses duked it out on the field, with only eight total shots allowed in the second half. Omaha had four shots on goal, but star sophomore goalie Mackenzie Caldwell saved the day. Caldwell had a total of 11 saves during Sunday’s masterful performance. 

By the 60th minute, it seemed like the match was going to end with a draw. Senior midfielder Sarah Karloff, however, came in the clutch for the Roos. Given a corner kick, Karloff found her way to the ball and notched an amazing goal to put the Roos in the driver’s seat to victory. After twenty more minutes of superb defensive play, Kansas City left the game with a 2-1 win. 

This was a great matchup for both teams, as neither looked ready to lose on the field. 

The Roos now climb to 5-11 for the season and look to add a couple of more wins this week against Western Illinois and St. Thomas on Oct. 22 and Oct. 24 at home. 

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