How to get involved at UMKC with RooGroups

Joining a student organization is one of the many ways that students can get involved on campus. (UMKC)

Lawrence Brooks IV

After an extended period of taking courses over Zoom due to the pandemic, UMKC students are returning to campus and looking to make human connections. UMKC has over 300 student organizations, many of which will return to in-person fellowship this fall. This kicks off with Roo Welcome, formerly known as week of welcome, and convocation on Aug. 21. 

“We are excited to welcome all students back to campus with our Roo Welcome program,” said Todd Wells, the Co-Interim Dean of Students and Vice Provost of Student Affairs.

Roo Welcome takes place from Aug. 20 to Sept. 10, and is a chance for students to engage with one another while preparing them for the school year ahead. 

“Roo Welcome will allow all new and returning students to connect with each other, explore campus resources, make new friends and learn what it takes to succeed at UMKC,” Wells said. 

Study after study has shown that campus involvement — like joining a student organization — is a net positive for students. While groups often require a time investment, participation helps with mental health through developing a support system while also sharpening soft skills and networking.

“Two of the three years I’ve attended UMKC have been mired by the pandemic,” said senior psychology major Jasmine Harris. “I am excited to return to in-person learning, meeting new classmates and maybe joining a student group.”

UMKC’s student organizations are known as RooGroups, and represent an essential resource for new and returning students to build community while getting acclimated to UMKC life. 

The homepage for RooGroups features an events tab that is an invaluable resource for students to stay aware of upcoming events on and off campus. 

The events tab will show the next 99 events that will be hosted by student organizations, such as career bootcamps, study abroad sessions and upcoming UMKC athletics games and events.

RooGroups cover a wide spectrum of categories and interests, including politics, religion, professional interests, community services, Greek life and departmental areas of study.

There’s something for just about everyone with 325 active student organizations that range from GamerRoos to the Animal Rescue Society, Foodie Physicians and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Law Student Alliance.

Here are some examples of the more popular RooGroups:

Pride Alliance is one of the largest organizations on campus, with 394 active members. Their goal is to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies on campus. 

The Honors College Student Association has 254 of UMKC’s most dedicated academics whose goal is to coordinate and execute student activities for the upcoming semester. Those in the Honors College are recommended to join. 

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) represent student perspectives as registered lobbyists to the state capitol in Jefferson City. Their main goal is to bring students into the legislative process.

Union Programming Board (UPB) is a student-run organization that seeks to provide free quality entertainment and events on campus. 

Enactus is a group that seeks to bring together student, academic and business leaders who want to improve life for people in need through entrepreneurship. 

UMKC students can explore groups here, and if a student has an idea and can get 10 friends to sign on, they can start their own RooGroup here.

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