Album review: “The Highlights” by The Weeknd

“The Highlights” by The Weeknd released on Feb. 5, two days before his Super Bowl performance. (Genius)

Leah Taylor

The raving Super Bowl LV performer, The Weeknd, has done it again. 

Leading up to his big-time performance, the singer, whose given name is Abel Tesfaye, compiled his greatest hits into one album “The Highlights.” The album, which released on Feb. 5, allows both day-one fans and new fans to experience the various eras of his work. 

“The Highlights” does a very great job of wrapping up his biggest hits and tying it all up with a pretty bow. 

The album doesn’t seem to have a particular order through the songs he selects and where they are within the soundtrack. The first three songs are from his most recently released album, “After Hours.” These songs open up with upbeat tempos that can make people get up and dance. The same fast, techno essence continues through “Can’t Feel My Face,” “I Feel It Coming” and “Starboy,” with the latter two songs featuring Daft Punk. The tempo changes as the listener reaches the song “Pray For Me,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The song, which originated in the soundtrack for the Marvel smash hit “Black Panther,” is a pivotal turning point in the album. It helps to slow things down and bring out the more serious, deeper elements of The Weeknd’s discography. The next songs, “Heartless,” “Often” and “The Hills,” reveal more of his sensual side. In each of the three songs is a constant low beat with vulgar content which makes excellent use of parental advisory label. 

As a super fan of The Weeknd, I find him captivating because of the story of his rise to fame, and I simply get lost in the music. Due to their versatility , I have found his songs applicable to all moments in life. My favorite albums of all time are “Trilogy” and “Beauty Behind The Madness.” With both of these albums, you honestly receive a sensual vibe that refrains from becoming too vulgar. He is one of the only artists where I can listen to each album and not skip a song. 

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