UMKC celebrates National Transfer Student Week

Photo: National Transfer Student Week is held annually in October at UMKC. (UMKC)

Tyrionna Clardy

National Transfer student week, an annual multi-day event held across UMKC’s campus to increase inclusivity among transfer students, took place last week from Oct. 19 to Oct. 23. 

The event-filled week gave transfer students, who hail from a variety of ages and backgrounds, an opportunity to meet and establish relationships with one another. The university also hosted activities designed specifically with transfer students in mind, including a session of Coffee and Conversation where students met the assistant director of New Student programs, a resume development workshop, an activism workshop and a virtual student organization involvement fair. 

Emma Coufman, a junior at UMKC, said her experience in the month she’s been at UMKC has been life changing.

“I live in a small town called Spring Hill, Kansas. I went to a community college before coming to UMKC which was also quite small. It was almost like culture shock,” Coufman said. “It’s huge, which at first was overwhelming, but what was even more overwhelming was the amount of people willing to help me. If I needed to find a class or was just struggling in general there was always someone close around to help me. I had never experienced that before.”

Coufman said that while her classes are definitely harder, the professors are a lot more helpful at UMKC. 

“It was a struggle getting used to the workload being at a university,” Coufman said. “My professors, however, are always ready to help if I need it. A lot of times I don’t even have to reach out. They reach out to me first. All the nervousness I felt before I got here is gone. It always makes me feel silly how much I was overthinking this experience, and it turned out to be life changing in such a short amount of time.”

Sarah Crider, a junior at UMKC, was also surprised at how well she adjusted to her transfer to UMKC with the help of others. 

“Everyone here is just so helpful,” Crider said. “It really makes the transition that much easier. I found out about National Transfer Week while I was enrolling and was hesitant about participating. Now I am excited about what event we are going to be participating in tomorrow.”

Crider was also candid about how moving colleges helped her academically.

“While attending my previous community college, I did not do the best I could have [done] because I did not enjoy the environment I was in,” Crider said. “In just a few weeks I made friends here, got comfortable and am thriving in terms of my grades. I honestly didn’t even think I had this energy in me to begin with.”

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