Arts & Sciences Student Council funding privileges revoked

Nathan Zoschke

On Dec. 1, Arts & Sciences Student Council (ASSC) learned their ability to allocate funds to other student organizations had been revoked for the rest of the fall 2010 semester.

The decision came after ASSC’s funding committee had twice failed to meet quorum, which occurs when at least three officers and a majority of committee chairs are present.

This included an emergency weekend funding meeting scheduled under the recommendation of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Mel Tyler.

According to Comptroller Brittany Cook and Deputy Funding Committee Chairman Liz Johnson, the emergency meeting was recommended because members of the undergraduate Black Law Student Association (BLSA) needed funds allocated for an event the following week.

Cook, Johnson and ASSC President Patrick Shami also said the recommendation to revoke funding privileges was made by Tyler, and was made based on the lack of quorum and criticisms regarding the group’s lack of an updated webpage and inconsistencies in bylaws and funding procedures prior to the announcement of the meeting.

However, ASSC had not been forewarned of the possibility of losing funding privileges.

“Eric [Grosspitch] could have looked at the money from those closed sessions,” Cook said. “Everything we did was consistent. They didn’t ask for any of that. They just went straight to the top and said that none of that was there. They didn’t give us a chance.”

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“Director for Student Life Angela Cottrell said the recommendation to revoke funds was made by herself and Assistant Dean of Students Eric Grospitch. Cottrell said the recommendation was approved by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Mel Tyler, not made by Tyler as the article stated.

Also, members of the Black Law Student Association: Collegiate Student Division (BLSA:CSD) were trying to present as individual students, not as members of BLSA:CSD for the upcoming National Black Pre-Law Conference, an event unrelated to BLSA:CSD.

A $52 allocation, however, was made to BLSA:CSD’s account, despite the fact the organization had never presented a request for allocations for the National Black Pre-Law Conference.”