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Anessa Phillips

Elderly man hits officer with cane

According to authorities, an 84-year-old man allegedly hit a deputy in the stomach with his cane.

Bay County Sherriff’s deputies were called to Calloway Clinic on Nov. 24 because the man was yelling and cursing at an office manager.

According to the Associated Press, police reports state the office manager asked authorities to remove the man from the clinic. Once the man was outside, his irate behavior increased.

The deputy then warned the man he would be arrested if he did not leave.

This is when the 84-year-old hit the deputy in the stomach with the cane. Deputies also stated the man hit the officer in the leg while being arrested.

The northwest Florida man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer, according to The News Harold.

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A 69-year-old woman trapped in bathroom for three weeks

A 69-year-old grandmother got stuck in her Paris bathroom for three weeks after her door lock broke, according to Agence France-Presse.

Authorities were called after a neighbor noticed the woman had not picked up her mail in three weeks. Firefighters broke into the home and freed her on Nov. 19.

Reports state the woman survived by drinking tap water.

Her windowless bathroom prohibited an exit, so she banged on pipes in hopes her neighbors would hear her.

Neighbors perceived the banging noise as workmen and started a petition to stop it, MSNBC News, reported.

According to BBC, a neighbor told local media the banging sounded like a hammer and could be heard even at night.

“…We thought they were doing work at night. We said, ‘They have gone too far! They are preventing us from sleeping!’ If we had known…” the neighbor said.

Hangover Helpers bring breakfast and clean up the mess

According to Daily Camera, two University of Colorado graduates have started a business in Boulder called Hangover Helpers.

After a party, call them and they’ll bring breakfast burritos and Gatorade. They’ll even clean up the mess left behind.

Marc Simons got the idea after he began cleaning party houses about a year ago for extra money. He found it to be a great source of income, despite the economy.

He and his high school friend have now teamed up and started Hangover Helpers.

The cost is $15 per room.

They have some business but predict more customers in the spring, which is Boulder’s prime party season, according to CBS News,

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