There’s a new law club in town

Mark Linville

Recently, a new student organization joined the nearly 300 groups on campus,

the Advanced Law Club, headed by President Maja Kotlaja, and Vice-President Preston Coughlin.

The group’s goal is to emphasize preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

“[The group is a ] brand new law club that looks great on [your] résumé,” Coughlin said.

Since the group is new, they are looking to recruit new members focused on law school and are seeking networking opportunities.

“Come join us in the preparation, or just get familiar with the process,” Coughlin said. “There will be insightful speakers and plenty of networking opportunities provided.”

Like all student organizations on campus, the Advanced Law Club allows its members to network and meet other students that are pursuing similar future careers.

“We’re a real flexible club,” Coughlin said. By joining you can put in the work and the time that you want to,”. “It’s a great opportunity for students to meet other kids who have similar interests as them. We’re always open to suggestions and comments.”

In the future, the group plans to sponsor social events, LSAT workshops, host guest speakers and put on fun and engaging events that assist UMKC in gaining insight into their desired careers.

“Our Club advisor is Carla Oppenheimer, who is the new pre-law advisor, so it would be an advantage of students to get to know her,” Coughlin said.

The group also plans to collaborate with the already existing UMKC Black Law Student Association, Collegiate Student Division.

The two groups plan to sponsor events for students on campus.

“We’re going to be partnering up with the UMKC Black Law Association, which means more opportunities to meet other students, more resources and more guest speakers,” Coughlin said.

The first meeting for the Advanced Law Club will be at 5:30 p.m. on Nov 29 in the Alumni Room in the University Center and will feature a guest speaker from the UMKC Law School is soon to be announced.

For more information about the Advanced Law Club, contact either president Maja Kotlaja at [email protected] or vice-president Preston Coughlin at [email protected]

[email protected]