Campus Fast Fact

Briana Ibanez

In the late 1990s, as a result of the Ideal Learning Environment (ILE) classroom initiative, many UMKC classrooms have experienced a change.

IS Project Manager Justin Guggenmos said ILE classrooms enhance students’ learning and instructors’ teaching abilities by incorporating technology.

“The goal of the ILE classroom initiative is to create an ideal learning environment by empowering teaching and learning for faculty and students through the use of technology and software,” Guggenmos said.

Guggenmos also discussed what items are included in ILE classrooms.

“A typical ILE classroom includes a ceiling-mounted video projector, a document camera, a DVD/VHS player, as well as an instructor’s personal laptop,” Guggenmos said.

Also included with those items are two microphones.

The classrooms are inspected and well-monitored.

“These classrooms are checked daily and supported by a dedicated group of audio-visual technicians,” Guggenmos said.

Instructors control all of these devices by way of a touchscreen on the main screen.

Between UMKC’s Northland, Volker and Hospital Hill campuses there are, 129 ILE classrooms.

Of all classrooms on the UMKC campuses, about 76 percent are ILE.

UMKC also has ILE learning labs.

The standard ILE classrooms are funded by Information Services (IS), and some departments and schools supply funds for ILE distance education classrooms and learning and teaching labs.

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