‘College is a privilege, not a right’

Mark Linville

In the past few decades there have be many tales of college adventures that are usually depicted in films.

Movies like the “American Pie” (1999), “Animal House” (1978), or the most recent ‘re-run’ of a movie plot called “College” (2008).

The cable channel TBS has created a new series that takes the college dream and travels back to 1986, or so they say, with “Glory Daze.”

“Hot Tub Time Machine” (2010) did a better job of going retro.

The show is an epic tale of four friends, Brian, Eli, Jason, and Joel who go off to college and experience their freshman year at Haze University, terrible name.

Glory Daze is a hilarious comedy of college life.

When comparing “Glory Daze” to any other college movie, the college life is quite realistic, but only when compared to movies.

Each character represents the usual stereotypes that oddly seem necessary.

Joel is the nice guy that never wins: Eli is the awkward kid Brian is the jock who doesn’t want to be a jock: And Jason is the clean-cut conservative rich kid who wears pink Lacoste polos.

Another character, Chang, Eli’s roommate, is grossly stereotyped as the Asian.

In one scene in the pilot, Chang goes to visit the Asian Fraternity House, which doesn’t have Greek letters, because his traditional Asian father told him to.

Chang and an Asian fraternity member go to the basement where a raging party with girls and robots is happening.

Chang is only in scenes that acknowledge his ethnicity.

The character already is quite minimized in the story, and to have him portrayed, as the Asian is sad.

“Glory Daze” does provide for some very funny moments.

Joel and his parents, played by “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) alumna Cheri Oteri and “Everybody loves Raymond” star Brad Garrett have a moment in his dorm room, you know when you first get to college and you experience that sudden awkward/sad departure.

Plenty of laughter and relative moments like this could prove “Glory Daze” as a worthy show on TBS.

One of the elements I related to most was the weird roommate. Everyone has lived with that weird person who does the creepiest things that drive you crazy, like spraying fungicide on the feet in the middle of the room.

“Glory Daze” does adopt the assumption that college is some drunken sex-fest, similar to “American Pie.” The characters are virgins, and are on a constant quest to hook-up. Its been done too many times.

The history professor played by another SNL alumnus, Tim Meadows, is a sad and eccentric man who is supposed to be the rebellious college professor who teaches his own way, when really he just comes of as rude.

The coach played by “Waiting” (2005) star David Koechner, adds a bit more comedy as usual.

However, the fraternity theme is horribly defined, like all movies that portray fraternities and sororities, Glory Daze presents them as racist, snooty, promiscuous partiers.

Having a giant beer bong machine called “the beast” is completely unrealistic because most fraternities couldn’t afford that.

The show presents the assumption they are just a bunch of stoners that vandalize campus, haze pledges, and smoke pot from a mannequin leg.

Over all, “Glory Daze” is very amusing and entertaining.

The pilot episode for “Glory Daze” airs 9 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 16 on TBS.

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