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Patricia Barra

Spiderman and Captain America Fighting?
Spiderman and Captain America Fighting?

Spiderman and Captain America Fighting?

According to The Escapist, marvel characters Spiderman and Captain America were fighting at 1:33 a.m. on Sunday Oct. 31, in a parking garage. As the police broke up the fight, Spiderman punched Captain America in the face. The names of the superheroes have not been released. Ironically, the man playing Spiderman’s girlfriend was dressed as Poison Ivy. Charges have been filed for both parties.

There goes the bride, all dressed in white with handcuffs.

According to MSNBC, Melissa Wagaman, dressed as a bride with a veil, broke into her neighbor’s house one night in February this year. Wagaman smashed a window with her head. Wagaman blamed the incident on cold medicine and marijuana. Wagaman also said she was hallucinating and believed she was helping her mother. The jury did not believe her testimony. She faces up to 23 years in jail.

Inmate wins early release for giving away pancakes

According to The Kansas City Star, an Ohio inmate was granted early release for being fired for giving too many pancakes. Police said Heriberto Rodriguez was supposed to only give two pancakes, but sometimes would give four, giving him the nickname “Mr. Pancakes.” Working at the kitchen was supposed to give him credit toward his sentence of burglary for stealing money from a concession stand in August. Judge Melba Marsh told a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter he was a “generous soul.”

“Get your big box of Aunt Jemima and eat all you want, Mr. Pancake,” Judge Marsh told Rodriguez.

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