Karo to KC Improv for 18 & over special engagement

Jill Schleiden

Aaron Karo returns to the KC Improv for a second shot at a crowd he loves at 7 p.m., Nov. 11.

“I liked it there,” Karo said. “The crowd was enthusiastic, everyone laughed a lot, we all went out and got drunk after the show.”

Karo was hesitant to say his humor was mainly aimed at the college crowd, but is sure most college-aged people will enjoy it.

“I’m 31 now,” he said, “so there aren’t a lot of jokes about getting drunk in the frat house [anymore].”

His current stand-up routine runs along the same lines as his most recent book, “I’m Having More Fun Than You.”

He said many of his friends are married, but marriage certainly isn’t a goal for him yet. Instead, he’s enjoying single life. His humor is a lot about the pitfalls of dating and being single.

“I focus on three main subjects: drinking, dating and fornicating,” Karo said.

He couldn’t reveal his best joke, but assures his crowd-to-be that he’s got several good ones.

“The closer [the crowds are] the better. You get an instant reaction from every word you say. It’s a great rush.”

Tickets are on sale now.  For more information, visit www.improvkc.com or call 816-759-5233.

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