Campus fast fact: Campus foliage

Briana Ibanez

As of 2007, prior to the current construction, UMKC’s Volker and Hospital Hill campuses had 1,882 trees plus an additional 75 planted during the Tulips on Troost in 2008 to celebrate UMKC’s 75th anniversary.

Between both campuses, there are 80 to 90 different varieties of trees.

There are eight species of Oak and 10 species of Maple trees.

Trees are separated into different species based on three things.

Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Steven Jenks explained how trees are categorized.

“Height, leaf shape and fall color make a difference,” Jenks said.

Of the 80 to 90 varieties of trees, the Redbud is the most common tree found on campus.

Along with the Redbud, the Crabapple, Scotch Pine, Cedar, Honey Maple and Sugar Maple are also common at UMKC.

Many students also noticed the flowers around campus at the beginning of fall session.

Jenks addressed the amount of things on campus that bloom.

“On campus, there are about 40 or 50 different types of budding plants,” Jenks said.

The majority of the budding plants are in the University Center area and also at the Bloch School of Business and the Epperson House.

Of the budding plants, only 25 to 30 of them are flowers.

Tulips on Troost, which took place on Sept. 25, planted a total of 180 Chrysanthemums at Kangaroo Court and the northwest corner of Durwood Stadium.

About 12,000 to 15,000 tulips were planted at Kangaroo Court and along Troost.

Ball Seed Company donated seeds after UMKC, along with help from Center High School, planted different species of new kinds of flowers in Center High School’s green house and took data as to which species actually bloomed and which did not.

Center High School’s special needs students took care of the plants while they were in the green house.

For more information, contact Campus Facilities Management at 816-235-1354.

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