Tips to Stay Safe: Safety in the City

Mark Linville

Go with the Flow

When walking down busy streets or crossing at a busy intersection, it is safer to follow the flow of traffic, not walk against it. If you are in front of a driver, there is a better chance of them seeing you. Another way to ensure your safety as a pedestrian is using cross walks and lights. Pushing the crossing signal allows you to cross safely and legally. It also makes it easier on drivers.

Suspicious Activity

If you are in the city and you see something suspicious, try not to get directly involved. This will prevent any altercations. If you see something like shoplifting or stealing, walk away and alert a shop worker without being obvious. If you see any extreme activities like an assault or mugging, don’t be a bystander, take out your cell phone and call the police.

Belongings and items

Oftentimes, when dining in a restaurant, women tend to place their purses on the backs of their chairs, which most definitely is out of sight. Keeping your purse there allows anyone to casually walk by and grab it with very little effort. Keep your purse in your lap or on the floor where you can see it. As for cell phones, wallets and cameras, always keep them in your sight if not in your pocket. This can prevent anyone from stealing these items.

Use the Police

When in a situation such as a mugging or a theft, call the police. It may seem like nothing can be done, but police officers can offer services that will aide you in many ways. If your car keys were in the purse that was stolen, the police will either give you a ride home or call a cab for you. Police officers are here ‘to protect and serve’ and will do whatever it takes to keep you safe in a situation.

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