Weird News

Patricia Barra

1928 cell phone user report classified as time traveler

According to MSNBC, there have been reports of a woman on a cell phone in “The Circus,” a 1928 Charlie Chaplain movie. Many fans have watched the clip to determine what it could be, but are certain what the woman is holding up to her ear.

“I want to get this out there to let people try and give me an idea, because right now the only conclusion that I can come to, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, I’m sure, to some people, it’s a time traveler,” Chaplain fan George Clarke told MSNBC.

What item the person is holding is still unknown.

Man wakes up to a bang, literally

According to MSNBC, police filed a report of a man named Sandford Rothman, shooting himself while sleepwalking. Rothman told police he does not remember what happened. Rothman told police he keeps a 9mm handgun by his bed and takes medication for pain. Police released a statement saying no illegal drugs or alcohol are to blame for the accident.

Squirrel puts a school on lockdown

According to The Kansas City Star, an Ohio school, Brookhaven High School, was put on lock down Monday morning after reports of gunshots being fired. The building was searched to find a squirrel had climbed inside an electric transformer. The transformer malfunctioned. WCMH-TV reports the sound from the transformer sounded like gunshots when the squirrel went inside. The lock down was immediately removed at 8:30 a.m.

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