Tips to stay safe

Mark Linville

Halloween safety tips

‘Tis the time of year when many people celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, and there are plenty of attractions to see. Kansas City has dozens of events to celebrate the popular holiday. Even though it’s all fun and games, it is always smart to stay safe and prevent anything or anyone from spoiling the fun. Here are a few tips for you and yours to enjoy on the evening of haunt.

Travel in groups

When going to haunted houses in the west bottoms or a Halloween party, make sure you and your friends stay together and rely on each other to stay safe. Hundreds of people dressed up in crazy masks and costumes can cause a little too much excitement, which means anything can happen, especially when some are drinking alcohol at parties or night clubs and bars.

Safe partying

Many UMKC students attend parties or go to places like Power and Light District and Westport during Halloween. Don’t drive drunk. We all know it is illegal, and potentially leads to more serious consequences than needing a way home.

Meeting people is what makes partying fun, but it is important to be cautious of strangers, especially on Halloween. Do not leave with them alone; make sure your friends are with you at all times.

Never leave your drink unattended

Everyone knows what a “roofie” is. Nobody wants one in their drink. So when you’re out this Halloween, be safe with your drinks. Never leave it unattended. When holding your drink, hold it at the rim of the cup so your hand covers it. Accept drinks from the people you trust. Unopened or sealed bottles are always safer.

Be cautious of strangers and masked “creepers.”

Costumes are forms of disguises. It is always hard to identify someone in a mask. You may know him or her but always be cautious. Always be aware of the people you meet; you may want to ask them to take off their mask when introducing yourself.

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