APC presents: Haunted House

Kasim Hardaway

The Activities and Programming Council (APC) hosted a Haunted House this Saturday in the Student Union.

“[This is] a community Halloween,” Spirit and Tradition Coordinator Daryl Williams said. “Pretty much it is just [an]event we throw for the kids. It is a safe place to have Halloween fun.”

APC hosted this event for kids in local school districts. The haunted house provided children with an opportunity to celebrate Halloween before the actual holiday passed.

“We sent out emails to all of the elementary schools, and we have been doing it for so long, so Principals know and are aware of it,” Williams said. “They send newsletters to all the teachers and out to the kids.”

The community Halloween is an annual event APC hosts. With several Haunted Houses under their belt, APC is very familiar with the required planning.

“The activities we have planned today are a bounce house, we have the milk jugs set up and the kids throw balls at them, a spin wheel, hacky sack, a caricature artist and face painting,” Williams said.

With a variety of Halloween games and activities, kids never had an opportunity to be bored.

A crowd favorite was face painting. Children lined up to resemble their favorite animals and Halloween figures.

“It was kind of a free day,” Williams said. “When you get to close to Halloween, people usually won’t come. [The Haunted House] gives kids another chance to wear their costumes. As a kid you would try to sleep in your costume.”

Choosing Saturday as the day to host the event took some planning. By having the event last weekend and not Halloween weekend, APC was able to cater to people’s schedules.

“Parents stay and watch their kids,” Williams said. “We aren’t babysitting. They come out and sign a harmless agreement form and sit back and watch their kids have fun.”

Parents remained with their kids as they enjoyed the Halloween festivities, the event was enjoyed by kids and parents.

For updates on future events from APC, go to www.apcactivities.com.

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