Phi Sigma Tau presents ‘Waking Life’

Kasim Hardaway

Phi Sigma Tau, the Academic Philosophy Fraternity of UMKC, held a movie screening Friday, Oct. 22, in Flarsheim Hall Room 310. The movie chosen for the event was Richard Linklater’s “Waking Life.”

“We are hosting the screening of the film ‘Waking Life,’ and it is a bit of a philosophical film,” Brandy King, treasurer of Phi Sigma Tau, said. “Obviously, for a Philosophy fraternity and for philosophy students, we would like to have everyone see it. We are having a guest speaker who is actually in the film. His name is Timothy Speed Levitch.”

After the movie a Q&A was held.

“Waking Life” follows a young man who is in a continuous dream-like state. The movie touches on philosophical subjects such as the meaning of life, free will and reality. With such a dense philosophical plot, this movie was perfect for philosophy students.

Getting Levitch to come worked out well for Phi Sigma Tau.

“He is actually a friend of one of the officers,” King said. “It was just the right place and right time. We have guest speakers every year. This one happened to be really convenient.”

“Waking Life” is not the only movie screening planned by Phi Sigma Tau, which has frequent screenings.

“A couple of times a semester we generally show a movie and have a philosopher come in who is in the movie or worked with the topic that the movie deals with,” said Kayla Sosa, President of Sigma Tau and U-News board member.

Membership in Phi Sigma Tau is open to those in the philosophy department who meet the academic requirements.

“To be in it as a member, you have to be in the philosophy department by having a major or minor in philosophy,” King said. “If Philosophy is not your major or minor, we have Philosophy Square. Philosophy Square is also for those who cannot meet the requirements to be in Phi Sigma Tau, which are having a 3.25 GPA and two philosophy classes, as well as the major or minor.”

Along with events dispersed throughout the semester, Phi Sigma Tau hosts other activities to include philosophy-inclined students.

“Every other Sunday we have Philosophy Square where a bunch of the majors and minors in the departments come together to talk in a more social setting,” Sosa said. “This weekend we have our guest, Dr. [Jim] Sheppard. We have different teachers from the department come in and do lectures on a side project they may be working on, or we talk about movies from a philosophical point of view.”

All students are welcome to attend any Phi Sigma Tau’s events. Students will be able to learn more about Philosophy, in addition to meeting other students.

“You don’t have to be a Philosophy major or minor to come to any of our events,” Sosa said. “They are open to everyone, even if you are not a UMKC student. It is a social building project that we do to synthesize [students] college life and academic life so they feel more at home when they are on campus. We host these events to build better connections between students and professors as well.”

If you are interested in attending one of Phi Sigma Tau’s events, check out their Facebook group for more details.

“If anyone is interested in coming to our events, our events are always open to the public,” King said.

Phi Sigma Tau’s events are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to come and learn more about philosophy.

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