The 4-Day Workout

Kevin Bryce

Director of Strength and Conditioning Trumain Carroll shared with the U-News a great workout for anyone simply looking to get back to the gym.

Dumbbell (DB) upright Row (curl to press):

Start with weights at your sides. Curl them up to your shoulders. Then, in a continuous, fluid motion, turn your wrists 180 degrees forward and extend your arms to the fullest over your head.

Dumbbell (DB) box step-ups:

Place a box or stack of rubber weights in front of you just over knee height. With weights at your sides, step up onto the box with one leg and then the other. Step back down backwards. Switch order of legs up each rep.

Dumbbell (DB) hammer curls:

Perform the same as bicep curls, but use an overhand grip.

Dumbbell (DB) incline press:

On a bench at a 45-degree angle, press weights up vertically from chest to full arm extension with overhand grip. Return slowly to chest.Dumbbell (DB) two-way shoulder raise:

With light weights at your side, raise the weights to shoulder level to make a “T” shape with your body and weights. Return to sides slowly.Calf-raise:

With weights at your side, stand on your toes, flexing your calf muscles, then release to flat-footed position. For increased difficulty, balance on the pads of your toes on the edge of a stair and do raises.

*Note: Consult a physician before beginning any workout regimen.