Top 10 fall fashion trends

Johanna Poppel

When you hear the crisp golden leaves crunch beneath your footsteps, you know fall has arrived. The warmth of summer lingers in the air as leaves turn to shades of amber and crimson. The leaves changing colors is usually a sign your wardrobe needs to change as well. Here are the top 10 fall fashion trends, in no particular order, that will keep you stylish and cozy into the bitter winter months.


They can be dressed up or dressed down. Pair them with skinny jeans and flats, a flattering simple dress or a black pencil skirt if you want to stay with a professional office look. You can be regarded as classy or dressed down in casual office attire.


It’s the typical 80s’ style that just won’t go away, but it’s a girl’s best friend. Wear them under shirts, skirts and dresses for more coverage or if you just want to keep warm. For extra comfort and warmth when you are working out this fall, wear leggings under shorts for the classic step aerobics look.

Military jackets

They can usually be found in dark green with cargo pockets, but they are a staple item for this year because they can be worn on top of anything to keep you snug through the cold fall days.


Buttoned shirts look great on anyone and are great for getting fashion compliments. Plaid is even coming in jackets, coats and hoodies, so it’s perfect for winter, also.

Knitted sweaters

For a cheap fix, rummage through your grandma’s closet to find anything long, thick and chunky. They look cozy and cute when worn over a summer dress with a belt to finish the look. This winter is bound to be cold, so bundle up!

Colored tights

Tights come in a wide array of colors, textures and prints, so why not have fun with them? They are perfect when you want to keep warm but still want to wear a dress or skirt and add some color.


As if skinny jeans weren’t tight enough. Normally they look like denim, but I have found some that look more like grey cargo pants and black pants.

Black and gray

Black and gray are dominant colors in apparel this year. Black and gray are always very classy and elegant and can be worn with anything.


Typically, lace lines dresses, shirts, tanks and skirts. This girly vintage style will make you feel sweet and flirty all day.


Those long zippers that line the middle of dresses and tops are always classy and elegant, regardless of the season. This sexy and edgy style is perfect for going out.