Weird News

Patricia Barra

Gunman afraid of water

According to the Long Island Press and AOL News, a robber who entered a Dunkin’ Donuts in Farmland, N.Y.,with the intentions of robbing it, went running afraidof being sprayed with warm water. The gunman was wearing a Halloween mask and carrying a trick-or-treating bag.

When he asked for the money, the dishwasher, Muhammad Kahn, thought it was friend playing a practical joke. Kahn sprayed him with water, and the suspect went running out the back door, fleeing the scene. Police are still searching for the suspect.

Halloween decoration real?

According to AOL News, a Florida man paid $8 for a real skeleton at a yard sale believing it was a fake. Mitchell Fletcher said he just thought it was odd-looking at first, until his suspicions were confirmed.

When it was turned over to the police, they determined it was a skeleton prepared for science use at a medical school. Officers told Fletcher the skeleton was actually worth $3,000 and illegal for civilians to have in their possession.

Due to legal issues, Fletcher will not be able to collect the money.

Willy Wonka three course meal

The book and movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” talk about a gum three-course meal. According to the United Kingdom-based The Telegraph, the gum is becoming a reality. The gum is said to change flavors the longer you chew it. Researchers are using technology originally used for drugs meant to deliver medicine to different parts of the body. It will change flavors just like the Wonka gum in the movie. This product will be released as part of the Wonka candy line. Wonka is developing roast beef and tomato soup flavors. The only difference: this gum shouldn’t turn you into a giant blueberry.