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Briana Ibanez

A&S open house

UMKC’s College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) has been preparing for the upcoming A&S Open House and Visit Days.

Faculty was asked to volunteer with the Open House and Visit Days and recruit students to assist and get people excited about A&S, the open house and visit days.

The faculty and students who help out will be giving incoming students knowledge on what A&S has to offer.

A&S will be trying to make the days as fun and informative as possible in order to attract more students to the university and to their department.

If you are interested in helping A&S or want to know more about the Campus Visit Days and Transfer Days, please contact Wayne Vaught at 816-235-2815.

Marketing competition opens

EXL, a trade company, along with Hearst Publications and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), will host a data mining competition starting on Oct. 14 until Dec. 3.

EXL provides outsourcing and transformation services to 1,000 companies in several industries. EXL helps businesses improve performance, compete against other companies and helps the business’s clientele.

Hearst Publications is a media company involved with multiple magazines, newspapers and a few cable companies.

The DMA is a trade association for nonprofit organizations and businesses.

The Hearst Challenge’s goal is to determine how many copies of a publication are necessary at each designated newsstand to help increase readership.

Entries can be made by an individual or by a team.

Three finalists will be chosen and notified by Dec. 7.

The finalists will travel to Miami, Fla. for the National Conference of Database Marketing (NCDM) where they will present their presentation for the challenge.

A final winner will be chosen and awarded $25,000 cash.

For more information on the challenge or to enter, visit

[email protected]