Tips to Stay Safe

Mark Linville

“Yell like hell”

If a suspicious person or any other form of danger approaches you on campus, don’t hesitate to yell or scream to call attention to the situation and alert someone who could be in the vicinity.

UMKC campus has safety posts in various locations. Simply push the button on the blue tower and it will connect you with the UMKC Police Department (UMKCPD). The tower also begins to flash a bright blue light and sets off an alarm. Utilize these to stay safe.

Protect your belongings

In recent weeks, the police blotter has featured multiple on-campus reports of larceny, robbery and burglary. It is up to you as students and owners to supervise and protect your items. Anything can be stolen, items like phones, iPods and MP3 players are very easy to get away with.

The most popular items of larcenists are laptops. Keep your laptop with you at all times. It would be a waste of your money if things were stolen due to negligence.

Commuter car trouble

Since many of UMKC’s students commute and some leave campus late at night, car trouble poses a big risk. During cold months, keeping your gas tank above half-full is advised in case you wait for a long time for help on the road side.

Make sure you have all the necessary items to keep safe during car troubles. Having an emergency credit card can allow you to purchase items in a pinch. Cell phones also come in handy for calling a tow truck, your parents or the UMKCPD, at 816-235-1515.