Top 10: Weird laws

Kasim Hardaway

I browsed the web for the most ludicrous laws still on the books, ranging from local to international. If you are a rational person, as I consider myself to be, these laws will seem utterly ridiculous. However, they will give you a good laugh. Most have no actual text presented with them to verify their authenticity, but their presence on several websites seems to support their veracity, some may be myths, but some are real, just not enforced. Either way, they all are amusing.


Kansas City

According to, and associated content of

Bathtubs that resemble animals are prohibited.

Installation of bathtubs with four legs resembling animal paws is prohibited in Kansas City. However, this law may be a myth, because no substantial evidence was provided with it. Just to be on the safe side, don’t buy a bathtub that resembles an animal. It could come back to bite you.

St. Louis

According to

Drinking beer out of buckets is forbidden.

It’s illegal to sit on the curb of any city street and drink beer from a bucket. It was hard to find a real, clearly-defined decree enforcing it, but several sites confirmed the law’s authenticity. The history of this law starts with the St. Louis Strassenfest. The festival is held to celebrate the tradition of German hospitality through food, arts, carnival rides, traditional German music and other festivities.

No running is allowed, milkman.

A milk man did not have the option to run, even if they were in a rush. It is against the law in St. Louis for a milkman to run while on duty. One hypothesis behind this law is there is an increased possibility bottles will be damaged or broken by a running milkman. This would cause the company the milkman is employed by lose revenue.


According to

In the past, yellow margarine was banned.

The law is pretty simple to the eyes. Residents of the state of Missouri could have yellow butter or white margarine, but using yellow margarine was not acceptable. Looking back at the law it seems it could never make it to an official decree, but when the law was created in the 1890s, it was actually pretty common. Law makers of Missouri were trying to protect goods created by state dairy farms from competitors that used yellow margarine as a cheap alternative to yellow butter and white margarine.



According to

Causing a catastrophe is illegal.

The full text of law 76-6-105 states:

“(1) Any person who by explosion, fire, flood, avalanche, collapse of a building, release of a poison gas, radioactive material or other harmful or destructive force or substance, or by any other means, causes a widespread injury or damage to persons or property is guilty of causing a catastrophe.

(2) Causing a catastrophe is a felony of the second degree if the person causes it knowingly and a class A misdemeanor if caused recklessly.” Enacted by Chapter 196, 1973 General Session

The most logical of them all, do not cause a catastrophe, plain and simple. Utah must not assume people have common sense, especially after several instances of resident-caused catastrophes, Utah became fed up and made an official decree. In the law, Utah covers a wide range of catastrophes going so far as to mention radioactive material and poison gas. Hopefully no catastrophe causer can find a way around this law to wreak havoc.

Rhode Island

According to


The full text of the law 31-15-4 states:

“The driver of a vehicle overtaking another vehicle proceeding in the same direction shall give a timely, audible signal and shall pass to the left at a safe distance and shall not again drive to the right side of the roadway until safely clear of the overtaken vehicle.  Except when overtaking and passing on the right is permitted, the driver of the front vehicle on the audible signal of the overtaking vehicle shall give way to the right, and shall not increase speed until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle.”

Everything in the law makes sense except for the “timely, audible signal.” What else can drivers use other than a horn? Their voices? Neither are the case. There are actual devices you can purchase that will be more effective than the two mentioned.


According to

Misdemeanors are easy to come by.

The full text of law 609.725 states:

“Any of the following are vagrants and are guilty of a misdemeanor:

(1) A person, with ability to work, who is without lawful means of support, does not seek employment and is not under 18 years of age

(2) A person found in or loitering near any structure, vehicle, or private grounds who is there without the consent of the owner and is unable to account for being there

(3) A prostitute who loiters on the streets or in a public place or in a place open to the public with the intent to solicit for immoral purposes

(4) A person who derives support in whole or in part from begging or as a fortune teller or similar imposter.”

Starting with the first part of the decree, anyone above the age of 18 who is able to work but unemployed is currently committing a misdemeanor. Does anyone have a friend who lives at their parent’s house and plays Xbox from dusk til’ dawn? If that friend of yours lived in Minnesota they could be charged with a misdemeanor. If that applies to you, be thankful you don’t live in Minnesota.



According to

Paying for sex is illegal. However, selling it is not.

Since 1999, Sweden has been ridiculed by this absurd reaction to prostitution. Sweden enacted the Sex Purchase Act, also known as the Sexköpslagen, which makes paying for sex an illegal crime punishable by fines and prison time. If you even attempt to purchase sex within Sweden you will be fined, whether the attempt is successful or not. As you may have already inferred, this act has failed and street prostitution is actually increasing. Prostitutes now use different ways of communicating, such as cell phones and the Internet, as opposed to previous ways of communication (brothels and street corners). Sweden is taxing these sexual services even though they are illegal, so Sweden will gain benefits of any prostitution occurring within its borders.

Even though the Sex Purchase Act is obviously failing in Sweden, Scandinavian countries of Norway and Iceland have adopted similar laws.

Decapitation for masturbating in Indonesia
Decapitation for masturbating in Indonesia


According to

Masturbation can result in only one thing…decapitation.

Masturbation is an act frowned upon by many, but caught and convicted of masturbation in Indonesia, you will simply lose your head. It is too bizarre to be true, and that is partially correct. With no substantial evidence to prove it to be true, this cannot be said to be an actual law. However, there is also no substantial evidence to prove it to be false. The ridiculousness of this law got it on the top ten list, regardless of the legitimacy of it’s existence.

Weirdest Law Ever


Wives, if you need dentures, make sure to check with your husbands.

In the state of Vermont, women have to obtain written consent from their husbands to wear false teeth. This one is hard to swallow. Without any supporting evidence, it makes it even harder to swallow. Hopefully this law is false. If not, sympathy goes out to wives whose husbands do not allow them to get dentures.

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