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Anessa Phillips

Missouri man hits lotto twice

What are the odds of winning $1 million in the lottery? Slim to none. However, Missouri resident Ernest Pullen, 57, did twice this year.

According to, Pullen’s first win came in June from a “$100 Million Dollar Blockbuster” Scratchers ticket. This month, he won a whopping $2 million with a “Mega Monopoly” Scratchers ticket.

Pullen considers himself a “luck guy,” The Missourian reported.

The winner was unavailable for comment, but a QuikTrip store manager said Pullen acted like it was no big deal. said lottery officials told them Pullen said he had a dream he would hit the lotto.

He plans to fix up his new home with the money.

Man sentenced after attempted auto theft in a jail parking lot

Frank Singleton was sentenced Oct. 1 for attempting to carjack a 23-year-old woman in March 2008.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies said Singleton ran into a jail parking lot and tried to carjack the woman but couldn’t drive off because he did not know how to drive stick.

He had been released from jail after being arrested on a misdemeanor trespassing charge in Riviera Beach, Fla.

Singleton pleaded guilty to attempted carjacking on June 18.

According to, Singleton was sentenced to serve six years in prison and four years probation.

Kevin Bacon baconed

Kevin Bacon, the actor, has been made of bacon! According to Entertainment Weekly, the sculpture is a life-size bust of Kevin Bacon constructed entirely out of bacon. Size? 14 inches tall.

The sculpture is not edible, although Kevin looks delicious. Yes, I’m referring to the statue.

Kevin will be sold on eBay for a charity auction to benefit childhood cancer patients.

According to eBay’s website, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the most delicious piece of Bacon-on-bacon themed pop art ever created.”

The website also said owning this statue will make you the coolest person you will ever know.

eBay’s website said it will be shipped in about five days. The item is non-refundable.

There are currently 67 bids, the highest is $4,050.06. These people really want to “meat” Kevin Bacon.

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