Fast fact around campus

Briana Ibanez

As most of UMKC knows, there has been an influx of incoming freshmen this year. Many freshmen tend to live on campus, but where are the freshmen and upperclassmen living?

UMKC currently has 1,334 students living on campus, 50 of whom are not UMKC students and live in Oak Place Apartments.

Of the 844 UMKC students living in residence halls, 657 of them are freshmen that live in Herman and Dorothy Johnson Hall and Oak Street Hall.

There are 440 UMKC students that reside in Oak Street Apartments, 110 of them are freshmen.

The number of freshmen living on campus exceeds the number of upperclassmen that live on campus by more than 20 percent: 40 percent of students living on campus are upperclassmen 60 percent are freshmen.

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