Tips to stay safe

Mark Linville

Campus housing

Many UMKC students live in houses and neighborhoods that surround the Volker campus. If you live in a house, you are vulnerable to crime.

Keep your home safe from invaders by securing the premises at all times. Lock windows and doors when you’re not home and at night.

It is advised by the UMKC real estate office to keep your porch light on at night.

Using an ATM

Be aware of your surroundings. Always secure your PIN. Keeping your financial information discreet will help prevent financial or identity theft.

When at an ATM, be mindful of those behind you. Make sure they aren’t peeking over your shoulder.

Try to avoid using ATM’s at night.

DON’T piggyback

The UMKC Residence Halls have a 24-hour security system. Only a UMKC ID card will allow access to each building.

If someone does not live in the building, then they must sign in at the front desk.

As residents, it is your duty to keep yourselves safe along with the staff.

Piggybacking is letting an individual through the front doors with you. They may or may not be a resident. Help keep everyone safe. If the person does not look familiar, ask them for their ID.

‘You are here’

Many of the incoming students this semester are new to Kansas City. Making yourself aware of the city is a wise thing to do. Researching and exploring UMKC and the surrounding area will orient you to the area; doing this may help you in the future.

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