Letter to the Editor

U-News Staff

Dear Ms. Oribhabor,

Honestly, I feel outraged that this article was even published in the newspaper, especially as an African-American student it hurts even more.

There is a way that one can go about things. I understand that Ms. Bomgardner was upset about her food taking a long time, but how she described the situation was completely wrong. It seems that she is regarding and stereotyping all black people into a certain “ghetto” subculture.

She didn’t have to include the Ebonics, “Scuse me ma’yam wood ya poo’ fowud, dey makin’ it fresh.” Also the fact that she rhetorically asked “Does every construction worker, couple on a nooner, blue-collar worker and crack-head lookin’ for acheeseburger/dollar (whichever comes first) have to stop, stare and keep staring?”

That was not necessary at all. It was very derogatory and unnecessary.

“Let’s Wait a While, ‘cause if she had, it was gonna be on like Donkey Kong up in da ghetto Wendy’s,” regarding that the Wendy’s was ghetto was not called for.

She could’ve said “poor service” or something of that nature.

“If I weren’t a white girl in the hood, I would totally kick your buttright now.” How would you feel if you were an African-American born and raised in the Kansas City area reading this article? It doesn’t make sense at all how this was allowed to be published.

This article was totally unnecessary in all aspects and seemed to show no respect at all toward the African-American culture. As the cultural editor, it seems that she should be one of the culturally-diverse personnel on campus.

-Amber Adams