Tips to stay safe

Mark Linville

Driving at night

The majority of UMKC’s student population commutes to campus, and most commute by cars.

Driving exposes students to many elements of danger on the road.

One way to stay safe is to always keep your car doors locked and windows rolled up.

In some places in Kansas City, car jacking is a big problem.

A good time to lock doors and windows up is when you’re sitting at stop lights.

Residence hall security

Always be sure to keep your room keys safe.

Never loan your keys to a friend or fellow resident.

Loaning your student ID card to a non-resident puts the entire building at risk. Others may not be as responsible as you with these items.

If anything goes wrong, you will be held accountable and maybe even fined.

Charge your phone

It is always wise to keep a cell phone handy, especially when it’s charged. Having a charged phone ensures you get help when needed. You can’t call for help with a dead phone. Cell phones provide you with a safety net.

Riding a bike at night

When riding your bike, make signals with arms to notify drivers. Also, wear reflective gear to stay visible.