Ask the cook: Healthy options at the Student Union

Diane Balagna

Question of the week:

What are some healthy options at the Student Union?

You have an hour or more between now and your next class and you’re looking for something to eat. Head over to the Student Union, where you can grab something yummy and healthy.

Jazzman’s Bakery serves all kinds of treats, from bagels and pastries to salads and sandwiches. If you’re looking to eat healthy, choose a bagel over a pastry and a salad or sandwich over a wrap.

Coffee-wise, the same rules apply here as at Starbucks: choose skim milk in your latte. Instead of a smoothie, try an iced coffee with a little bit of milk and one or two packets of sugar. Similar flavor for a fraction of the calories.

And ask yourself, “do I really need 20 ounces? Or could I be satisfied with 12?” Just try it. You can always go back for more. Then again, you might find your wallet and your waistline will thank you for choosing the smaller size instead. If you’re serious about knowing how many calories are in your choice, Jazzman’s nutrition guide brochures are placed right next to the registers.

Chick-Fil-A is an all-time favorite. A friend of mine nearly missed her flight from Houston just to get her Chick-Fil-A sandwich fix. You can’t go wrong with the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich. With 300 calories, nearly 30 grams of protein, just as savory and flavorful as other menu options, but way better for you.

Sub Connection’s Turkey Sub on Wheat is just 450 calories and 24 grams of protein. Add some fruit and you’ve got enough fuel to keep your energy going the whole afternoon.

Finally, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill offers Baja Style Tacos with corn tortillas, all fewer than 250 calories per taco, the perfect size for a quick snack between classes. When the weather gets cooler, pair a taco with some Tortilla Soup (270 calories) for a warming and filling lunch.

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