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Briana Ibanez

Briana Ibanez
Briana Ibanez

A few issues ago, I wrote an article about how excited I was to enter the wonderful world of college. I looked forward to what great things were awaiting me, and I couldn’t wait to begin the rest of my life.

People stared at me in disbelief when I explained my excitement and now I know why.

I was naïve. No, scratch that, I was horribly naïve.

The first week of classes weren’t too bad. I took notes, drank my coffee and felt like an adult for the first time in my life.

After the second week of classes, I was ready to cry my eyes out every second of everyday.

I realized the four years I spent at my former “House of Learning” (according to my former principal) was the biggest waste of my life.

Belton High School didn’t teach me the importance of homework or how to study. Because they didn’t want to hire teachers who were actually qualified to teach their subjects, most people who passed through had no idea what was in store for them once they graduated to bigger and better things.

During my high school career, I had less than one hour of homework per night, and for some reason, that was enough for me to achieve A’s in almost every class I took.

Two of the college courses I took during my senior year were taught by someone who honestly didn’t care and only took on the job of teaching our college classes for extra money.

I understand teachers don’t make enough money for what they do, but why did some of the educators from my school feel the need to take a job they weren’t prepared for?

The only reason they have that job is because they agreed to mold the young, impressionable minds of the world.

Is that too difficult to comprehend? Are you afraid to teach us?

Now that I’m in college, I understand how difficult the courses can be. I have to study for every class, be attentive and take great notes.

Studying for every class is a new and challenging experience for me, and I have to say, I don’t like it very much.

I think my high school could have done a better job in preparing me for the workload I was unknowingly dropping on my shoulders. I think they should have just prepared me in general.

The goal, in my eyes at least, of high school is to ready students for their future regardless of what they plan to do.

Don’t get me wrong: I did have fun in high school; I just wish the school would have spent more time trying to educate me.

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