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Anessa Phillips

Cartoon by John Kline
Cartoon by John Kline

Firefighters rescue camel from sinkhole

Moses, a camel, was rescued from a sinkhole on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

His owners called Oregon firefighters for assistance after attempting several times to get him out themselves, according to

Moses’ owners own several camels and run a children’s ministry in Oregon City. They called firefighters, worried Moses was injured from his fall into a 6 to 8-foot-deep sinkhole.

It took firefighters several hours of digging up mud before retrieving Moses. reported a veterinarian determined Moses was unharmed.

“Thank you,” said the would-be bank robber

A man with intentions to rob a bank walked out with no money, but not before politely saying, “thank you.”

South Carolina police said 31-year-old Melvin Jesse Blain walked in with a note saying he was robbing the bank for $30,000, according to the Associated Press.

The bank teller of the Wachovia branch in North Charleston told Blain she had no money in her cash drawer.

Shortly after, Blain was stopped by officers. He reportedly explained he was recently released from jail and did not want to go back.

Blain is charged with entering a bank with intent to steal.

Police impersonator pulls over detective

Long Island, N.Y. resident Victor Alfaro-Marquez pulled over Detective William Zambito on Monday night, Sept. 13, Alfaro-Marquez was pulling the detective over in an attempt to perform a traffic stop. When Zambito informed Alfaro-Marquez he was an off-duty officer, Alfaro-Marquez fled the scene.

Alfaro-Marquez was arrested at his home according to There, two badges, handcuffs, a pellet pistol in a holster and a Drug Enforcement Agency baseball hat and shirt were recovered.

Alfaro-Marquez was charged with criminal impersonation. He was later released on bail.