Emoticons: All is 1337

Jill Schleiden

You may scoff at your nerdy friends as they extol the virtues of “World of Warcraft” while you seethe over your impossible calculus homework. But here are a few phrases might help you beg for help.

n00b: A newbie, a freshman, someone totally inexperienced. “Can you show me how to use this graphing calculator? I’m a n00b at this.”

411 335 1337: “All is Leet,” or cool, in leet-speech, the visual coding used by hackers online. 4 is A, 1 is L, 3 is E, and 7 is T. “I don’t need help, 411 335 1337!”

Pwned: Totally beaten, “owned.” “Dude, UMKC pwned Rockhurst last night at soccer!”

Sk1llz: Skills. “My brother has mad “Guitar Hero” sk1llz, he can play all the songs on hard.”

Warez: Software, often pirated. “Can you send Office ’07 warez to my php address? I’m too broke to buy it.”