Unification of UMKC

Kasim Hardaway

Kasim Hardaway
Kasim Hardaway

UMKC has an underlying problem I believe most students see but are unwilling to deal with. The lack of unity among commuting students, students who live on campus and those who live in the surrounding area.

I transferred from Washburn University in Topeka, Kan. Even though it is a commuter campus like UMKC, Washburn created a college experience for both commuters and students who lived on campus. I found myself constantly on campus for different events and for the activities I was involved with.

Students were unified through various methods. Washburn consistently brought comedians, musicians and any other entertainment they could get to give students more reasons to stay on campus. It proved successful; the campus was always full of students.

UMKC’s activities and organizations are sort of in the dark and haven’t been exposed to new students. I believe shedding light on them will increase the number of students on campus.

I do applaud UMKC for taking some steps to start this unification. Creating the new Student Union and remodeling the campus have helped. However, I personally don’t think these efforts are enough.

I think the solution is quite simple: hold more events that will keep students on campus after class. This could be something simple such as hosting game nights or having something like standup comedy every week.

Some of you might be reading this and thinking “UMKC does host on-campus events.”

This is true, but the advertising methods UMKC uses right now are poor at best.

I have passed by bulletin boards where I see something that catches my interest, yet the date of the event has passed. I think setting aside a tabling section for student organizations and activities in the student union would be far more efficient. Getting the word out more effectively would be one way UMKC could easily get students to go to events.

I consider myself a very outgoing person and easy to get along with. However, I can count on my hands how many people I have met on campus that I consider my friends.

This forum isn’t a cry for pals or friends, but for an increase of on-campus events that will get more students on campus, so there can be more interaction. This will also lead to an increase in school spirit, which I feel UMKC also lacks.

I would like to stress again this is not a sympathy forum, or a forum to bash UMKC, but a spark to get the push for unification started.

Maybe it seems to be this way because I have only attended UMKC for four weeks, but I feel as though there must be more unity among UMKC students.

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