Life Hacks

Frank Lillig


Life Hacking is a skill acquired from experience, ingenuity and innovation. It requires a person to see things not as trash but as an opportunity or neglected objects with potential. Life hacking is a skill born not only out of necessity but also out of boredom. It takes a special kind of person to use items beyond just their intended use or to stare at a pile of garbage and think “I can make something out of that.” Good life hackers have achieved these skills through time, patience and a lot of failure. You may ruin many carpets before you find the right chemical to clean it. You will build many wobbly palette chairs before you build the perfect one. Many of the lessons you learn from life hacking will help you in other aspects of life.

In order to do any sort of life hacking you need tools. Just like in any job or career, you need tools to succeed. The ones needed for life hacking are a little more rigid than those needed for everyday life, but the metaphor still stands. The best way to become a legendary life hacker is to know your tools and how to use them properly. Like in life, knowing which tools to use and when to unleash them can save you a lot of strife in the long run. You must learn to wield your tools with grace and poise. This way you don’t hammer-in any nails sideways or break something valuable.

Life hacking is about a balance of usability and rubbish. So much of what might be considered waste hasn’t been given a second chance. A lot of things, like tin cans or plastic bottles, can be reused and turned into some really useful or beautiful things. Most things in life deserve a second chance. However, you also need to know when to just throw things away. Being able to notice when you should keep something or let it go is a valuable quality to possess.

Life hacking is a passion for creating tools and tricks. Like passion in other parts of life, sometimes it burns out. Passion and fire need to be fueled and tended to often. Don’t let your passion burn out, and don’t let it burn you out. Sometimes a little goes a long way and working on a small project can yield some huge results.

I may have gotten a little hippy-dippy in this last one but, it is nonetheless true. The aspects of your hacking life should be one in the same with your everyday life. It should not be too difficult, but it should not be too easy either. Simply remember to always keep your tools handy, sharp and ready to work because you never know what might come of it. Now, go hack some life.