Unethical Life Hacks

Frank Lillig

Most life hacks are not inherently evil. Sometimes the means of getting materials(i.e., pallets) can be a little dubious but can be easily handled with simple conversation or a monetary exchange. However, there is a whole other division of the life hack community devoted to some rather unethical hacks. Here are a few of them.

  • Always carry a cup from your favorite fast food place. At any point in time you can walk into the restaurant and fill it up for free.
  • If it is a late night and you want some fries, find a McDonald’s and ask them to make your fries “without salt.” They will have to make a fresh batch because they salt all of their fries once they are done. You can then go to the condiment counter and apply your own salt.
  • If you need to get a cab but are not having any luck, call from the counter of a fancy hotel or restaurant. The driver will think it’s a ritzy person and come right away.
  • To get a new passport photo, go to your local CVS or Walgreens and say that you are taking the next upcoming LSAT and need a passport photo for it. You actually do need the photo for the LSATs and the store will charge you less than a dollar rather than the normal price.
  • If you want to fly first class but can only afford coach, dress very nicely, be the last person to board the plane and find an open seat in first class. How often do flight attendants actually check boarding passes? If they do, they will simply see you have a coach seat and move you back.
  • If you are in a city that you don’t know very well, go to a nice hotel and find the concierge. They will do almost anything for you. Ask them for directions or nice restaurants nearby. Then ask them to make a reservation for you. They most likely will.
  • Want to shop at Costco without buying a membership? Buy a gift card! You can shop there without the membership and use a debit or credit card for whatever the gift card doesn’t cover.
  • If ever you are in need of an umbrella, go to any place that will have a lost and found. Ask the host, concierge or clerk if they have found a black umbrella.
  • Always carry road cones in your car. They are great for diverting traffic from wrecks but can also be used to reserve parking spots.

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