Are Disability Parking Permits for Campus Visitors Too Accessible?

U-News Staff

According to UMKC parking policies online, some campus visitors without a UMKC-issued handicap placard, in addition to state-issued placards, may find parking difficult on campus. Here is a condensed version of all of the simple, easy options and alternatives for visitors requiring disability parking below:

Visitors with handicap parking needs can have a $7 single-day pass mailed to them, as long as they pay by check and plan more than seven business days in advance to process the online request and receive the mailed pass.

Or, they can simply visit the Administrative Center to pay by charge or cash.

  1. Unless you’re lucky enough to get the singular handicap-accessible metered parking space in front of the Administrative Center (not listed on the campus map), park on the opposite side of Oak Street in the metered lot.
  2. Pay $1.25 at the meter.
  3. Cross Oak Street.
  4. Pass the wheelchair-accessible parking spaces in front of the Administrative Center.
  5. Take a right to the next side of the building to find the accessible entrance.
  6. Go to room 221 and pay for your single-day UMKC Disability Parking hangtag with cash or credit card.
  7. Exit via the handicap accessible South side entrance.
  8. Wave at the ample UMKC-approved handicapped parking in front of the building.
  9. Cross Oak Street to the metered lot, and get back in your vehicle.

Congratulations, you have paid $1.25 to pay $7 to pay to park in a handicap-accessible lot that will make your one-day experience on UMKC’s campus a little easier.

Perhaps you figure you’ll stick with the metered parking, since you’ll be paying for it anyway? Wonderful choice, as long as you’re up for the third of a mile you’re going to take from the metered lot to Scofield Hall. That is the quickest way to get from any of the metered lots to Scofield.

Perhaps an online method of payment for a parking permit would reduce the disadvantages? That option is offered for students, faculty, and staff seeking to purchase parking permits online.

Maybe a pass should be invented to be swiftly transmitted online for you to print at your convenience? Perhaps this will come in the future.