Life Hacks: Hotels

Frank Lillig

Even though Spring Break is over, some people are already planning their next adventure for summer vacation. While on this summer escapade, you might get to stay in either a hotel or motel. Hotels can be great places to meet interesting people or they can be a hotspot for information on the area you are staying in. However, they also tend to not seem like home. Here are a few ways to make your stay a little better.

  • Most TVs in hotels now have a USB plug in, so you can use your computer or portable device and pull up your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows to allow for more of a stay-cation. You can also use this to charge phones or other USB devices.
  • Always check the bed, the couch, the closet, the end tables or anywhere else bed bugs could be lurking. Most places are good about keeping them at bay but it’s always better to check for yourself. If you do find something move your luggage away from the area and call the front desk immediately.
  • If the room you’re in smells funky, tape a dryer sheet to the AC unit or air vent.
  • You can use sugar from packets to make a simple face exfoliator.
  • Foursquare is a good tool to find public Wi-Fi passwords
  • Pack an extra power-strip. Sometimes hotel rooms just don’t have enough outlets.
  • Most rooms have a coffee pot and clothing iron in them. Both of these can be utilized to cook many things in many ways.
  • If you don’t have any shaving cream you can use the hair conditioner which comes in most hotel bathrooms.
  • One good way to get a free meal from a hotel is to sleep in your car and wake up for the free breakfast. If you do this make sure to note some of the numbers of other rooms just in case someone asks. This works best with hotel chains.