KC knows best

U-News Staff

When students come to college visits throughout the year, the questions begin to flow: Where’s the college life? How close is the “action” to campus?

Here’s the lowdown: Kansas City is the place to live as a college student.

College students are attracted to Big 12 football schools, the bar action and a large campus. Luckily UMKC students have it all right at their fingertips, in different and better ways. The smell of fresh MLB grass at Kauffman Stadium in April, the loud and obnoxious “Let’s go Chiefs” chants in September, the Sporting Kansas City Pit that gets the crowd pumped up for Dom Dywer and his team, the Power and Light District attracting thousands to live out their college years, and the Country Club Plaza with more than 20 restaurants and shopping stores.

This is only the beginning.

Kansas City is live and upbeat. The love people have for this city is bringing others in, and the population is continuously growing. Weekends, holidays, weekdays, whenever, Kansas City is popping and the people are flowing.

Recently on St. Patty’s Day, the Westport area was flooded with people.

“This is one of our busiest days of the year,” said bartender Alora Cummings.” I was supposed to be here for eight hours, but the craziness and dedication of this city has put me here for 18 hours straight with one 20-minute break so far.”

The Westport area had tables set up with food venues and music all day.

“I love everything about this city, the people in it and the dedication they have to living here,” Cummings said.

One word can describe what college students want: discounts. The Kansas City area has just that. All restaurants in the Country Club Plaza, Westport Area and Power and Light District have happy hours that include plenty of options for college students.

As for shopping, the markdowns are always present.

“I went to school at the University of Kansas. I loved everything about their basketball program and the big school, but I have lived here in Kansas City for the past six years due to everything this city has to offer,” said Landen Hawk, part-time manager and bartender at Zocalo.

Let’s face it: Kansas City is the place to be. In a 2014 worldwide survey, Kansas City was ranked 29th out of 150 cities for starting a business. This shows the expansion of the city after college for students. The college campus doesn’t have your typical college attributes, but the city life has everything a college student could imagine.