The UMKC communications department internship program

U-News Staff

The spring 2015 Internship Brunch gave students a chance to explore an exciting credit internship opportunity. This program is perfect for self-starting, media savvy students who are majoring in Communications at UMKC. Many of the opportunities are paid positions.

Being a non-traditional degree-seeking student, I must admit that there were reservations about the necessary internship that is part of my Communications degree. For the past two semesters, I’ve worked directly with UMKC’s Director of Sustainability, Kaye Johnston, to create a promotional video outlining several key aspects of UMKCs far-reaching sustainability program.

Not having access to a video camera and expensive editing equipment was overcome by reaching out to the UMKC Video Department. An outline was adapted to choose and subsequently interview faculty and staff about progress in the many years of the department’s existence. The project has historical significance to the university, and extra steps were taken to archive the footage assembled for the video. Each interview was transcribed to allow future students and faculty greater access to information from the extensive footage. A one-semester internship became a two-semester project with more than 10 hours of archived footage.

The Internship Program at UMKC has given me focus which I will take with me after I graduate. There is extra satisfaction in completing a project which began with so much freedom. Chair of the Internship Program, Dr. Linda Kurz, highly recommends that Communications majors keep a positive attitude toward UMKC internships. Pick a position that suits your interests and go to the job with determination and joy.

My experience in the program has far out-weighed my expectations. I studied Video Production and Residential Energy Management at JCCC prior to enrolling at UMKC, so the Sustainability Internship was the perfect fit. Being a former business owner, the ability to set my own schedule and create my own production appealed to me, even though the position was unpaid. The video went live on YouTube Feb. 18, and it can be viewed at