OSI hosts ‘Booze Free Bash’

Hiral Patel

Last Wednesday marked the third annual Booze Free Bash at the Student Union, hosted by Residential Life.

“It’s an alcohol awareness and prevention program scheduled strategically before Spring Break to let our residents know about the dangers of drinking and driving, levels of intoxication, and the alternates to that,” said Haley Crane, host for Booze Free Bash and Residential Advisor at Oak Street Hall.

Students found this event to be a great alternative to attending a party with alcohol.

“I think they should definitely promote parties that promote things different than the alcohol traditions,” said freshman Tyron Hubbard.

This year’s event was unique because it collaborated with the Kangaroo Pantry. The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) created the Kangaroo Pantry to help students in need receive proper and necessary nutrients. OSI encourages students to donate canned goods and to volunteer with the Kangaroo Pantry. Kangaroo Pantry will be open before Spring Break.

“All students that came in with canned donations got raffle tickets,” Crane said. “There were other was to receive raffle tickets around the room. We had Water Pong, Pin the Tail on the Roo, and Blackjack.”

There were other booths aimed at spreading alcoholism awareness. Pictures of Solo cups were also hidden around the room and students who found them were given extra raffle tickets. The raffle tickets were put in a drawing for prizes.

“We [received] a bunch of donations from the community and the bookstore so we didn’t have to spend too much money on that and could still donate a lot to the Kangaroo Pantry,” Crane said.

This event had a turnout of about 70 to 100 students. Refreshments were provided.