Frank Lillig

Though the winter season is almost over people are still able to catch colds or the flu. Even during the warmer months colds are still prevalent. Here are a few ways to keep from catching small illnesses.

  • Keep your body temp up for when it is cold out and stay cool when it is too hot out.  Bundling up in layers will help in the cold and lots of water will help in the heat.
  • A regular daily vitamin provides your body with a little extra boost of healthy stuff that will in-turn keep you from catching sickness.
  • A good diet, one filled with a wide variety of meats and vegetables, is necessary for good health. The diversity of one’s diet provides the body with many different sources of vitamins and minerals.
  • We are all always told to wash our hands during flu and cold season because you should. Most illnesses are spread from hand to mouth or nose.
  • Avoid contact with other sick folks. This is self-explanatory. If you do not wish to catch what the person down the hall has, do not be around them.
  • Regular activity, either in place of or along with regular exercise, has been proven to help boost the immune system and keep you healthy
  • As a college student sometimes it is easy to forget about sleep. But plenty of rest and deep sleep will help your body recuperate and stay illness free.
  • Too much stress has been proven to decrease a body’s ability to combat disease. Not over stressing will keep your body fighting the good fight to keep you alive and well.
  • Drink lots and lots of water. Your body uses water for everything.  It cleans, it lubricates, it rebuilds, it provides energy. Water will keep your body functioning and staying healthy.