A what not to do list

Frank Lillig

Here at life hacks, we like to make life a little easier. We also focus on things that you can do at home. However, in your at-home hack-life,you may start venturing into your own methodsand techniques for innovative hacking. But everyone makes mistakes, so here are some things you should remember never to do while hacking at home.

● Do not microwave styrofoam because styrofoam melts in the microwave.

● Do not put gasoline in a styrofoam container because it will melt.

● Sticking metal objects into electric appliances while it is powered on will cause you to get electrocuted.

● Sticking metals objects into wall outlets will cause you to get shocked.

● Do not bathe with electronics nearby, unless specified that it can be used underwater. Some radios are okay for this but most things will either become broken, if they have batteries, or may seriously kill you, if they are plugged into the wall.

● Leaving wooden cooking utensils in water will cause them to swell up with water and

then when they dry they will crack and break.

● Using metal cooking utensils on teflon or nonstick pans will cause the nonsticking material to chip off into your food.

● Do not put metal in the microwave.

● Eating fish more than 3 times a week may cause nitrogen poisoning.

● Mixing commercial cleaners may cause chemical reactions that may be harmful or


● Do not use bleach to clean counters, refrigerators or anywherethere is going to be food. Bleached food tastes bad and is bad for you.

● Putting hot liquids into soft plastic cups will cause some of the plastic material to bleed

into whatever you are drinking.