Meet the rest of the Rocky Bunch

Lindsay Lillig

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ninth member of the principle cast for UMKC Theatre’s “Rocky Horror Show” did not make it into print last week with the other eight members. It could be rumored that the reason is because she plays Columbia, and everyone knows Columbia will be forever alone, but that will be left for the audience to decide.

Katie Schieferecke

Character: Columbia

RHS Status: I went to a production of RHS a few years back when a community theater in my hometown put it on. It was very true to the movie in terms of set construction, costumes and cast. What I fell in love with was the fact that the audience could shout at the actors. I’ve been yelling at the T.V. for years, but this was the first time I could yell at the stage.

Favorite song/dance: Time Warp. I love the Time Warp. Although it is very physically demanding, it is one of my favorite numbers. We all get to have so much fun dancing and singing. I can feel the adrenaline crawling up my skin as soon as the music starts.

Most demanding aspect of the show: My goodness. This is the first time I have worked out outside of rehearsals. And, to be completely honest, I love it. I have never really worked out before and I did not feel comfortable going into a gym, but, once I realized how physically draining the show is, it helped motivate me into going to the gym. This show has helped me realize that we all need to be comfortable in the bodies we are given. We can’t really help what we look like. We can’t help it if our butt is really big or if we have really long arms. We need to accept our bodies and love our bodies for what they are — beautiful.

The Eubank experience: I love working with Steven. He is closer to my age than any other director I have had. He is so open to new ideas and concepts, which is great because then everyone can have their two cents (even if it does take up a lot of rehearsal time). I look forward to every rehearsal.

Why come see the show? Not only is this show hella fun, but many people don’t know about the joy that is the Rocky Horror Show. This show was very physically demanding. I just hope the audience falls in love with this show as much as the rest of the cast has.